How to NOT Sell Your Home

A lot of people think that because the market is so ‘hot’ in Utah right now, they can throw  up a for sale sign and immediately get multiple offers on their property. The truth, however, is that there are more houses available than there have been for almost a year. Along with that comes higher interest rates and choosier buyers, meaning that if you want to sell your home quickly for top dollar, there are a few things you ought to consider….

Firstly, let’s talk about pets. This past week, I was out showing homes when we came across a home that had five dogs in their crates in a single room, just barking uncontrollably. It was very uncomfortable. Your lesson of the day? If you have pets, take them to a friend/relative/neighbor’s home while potential buyers view your home. This is especially important if you have dogs or cats, as your potential buyer may be allergic! Want to sell your home? Keep it free of pets and pet paraphernalia !

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Next, don’t leave your home feeling ‘lived in’  when you have a home showing! Straighten up your home! You don’t have to Marie Kondo your entire living area, but clean things up. Pay attention to things like burned out lights and the smell of your home. If either of these things are off, potential buyers may worry about the care and diligence you put into your home.

Thirdly, look at the general condition of your home. A deep clean of the carpets or touched up paint costs very little but can make a world of difference in whether or not someone will choose to write an offer.

Want to not sell your home? Leave trash everywhere and throw it up on the market! On the other hand….Want to actually sell your home!? Try to see it as a potential buyer would- someone who may or may not have your same love of animals, paint colors, or smells. Try to make your home as comfortable as possible to the greatest number of people. And please, don’t kennel a half dozen dogs in one room for buyers to stumble upon!

What’s the worst thing you’ve stumbled across when house hunting? Comment below!

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