How We Help Clients Looking to Invest

Where do you want to invest?

Researching where you want to invest and finding your sandbox will help expedite the analysis when properties come available. The investment market moves very fast and knowing your neighborhoods and numbers helps you not miss out.

What are your investment goals?

Fix and Flips or Buy and Holds are the primary type of investments we help people with. Are you looking for short term income, or long term cash flow. We can help you decide which strategy is right for you, we can even show you how to start investing with little money out of pocket.

What do you want to own?

We can discuss the pros and cons of each type of properties, from single family, to multi-plex, mobile home parks, and multi-unit buildings. There are many options depending on your wants, needs, risk tolerance and capital available and we can help you achieve your goals.

Why Choose Seasons Real Estate?

We Invest in Real Estate

We own 5 cash flowing properties around Utah. We understand the intricacies of owning and managing our rentals, and that is knowledge that you can lean on. A majority of Realtors in Utah, don't own rentals and don't truly understand the numbers, which can put you in a bad situation.

We Have Vetted Contractors

Looking to have repairs done on your new property, but not doing them yourself? We have a list of contractors we have vetted and can help schedule bids. Our contractors are ones we use, and only recommend ones who has a high level of service and delivers on promises.

Proprietary Rental Calculator

We have a calculator that helps our investors analyze purchase price vs rental rates and determining the ROI of a property. It is a great way to run the numbers quickly on those time sensitive offers.

Renovation Estimator

This estimating spreadsheet allows you to input repair needs and get an estimate of the cost to repair the property. Its another way to ensure you are making the best decision based off as much data as possible.

What Our Clients Think

Timely, Honest, Open and Direct

Becca did all of the heavy lifting throughout our entire process of purchasing a home. We told her we were going to be more serious about buying a home in a year, but that we wanted to start looking now to get feelers on what we might want. We got in contact with a house that fit us perfectly and got the sellers realtor information, passed it on to Becca, and the rest was history.

She did everything she was supposed to, but in a very professional manner. She and her team were timely, honest and open, and direct with the entire process.

Avatar for Christiana Dennis
Christiana Dennis

Great Follow Through

Becca Summers is a class act. I have completed many real estate transactions with her. She has great follow through and is very efficient. This makes my job as a real estate professional run smooth.

Avatar for Spencer Townsend
Spencer Townsend
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