Sell Your Home

We know that you have a lot of choices when choosing who to hire to help you sell your home, and we don’t take it lightly. We have dedicated systems to make the process of selling your home (and buying a new one) as stress-free as possible, all the while ensuring you get the best price the market allows.

Below is a condensed version of tips we will help you through when selling your next home.

Deep Clean the Home

We recommend this simple strategy: pack it away, give it away or throw it away as you get ready to sell your home.

Pack Up Your Closets

By packing up your closets, it will make them look bigger and potential buyers will start visually putting their things in the closet.

Declutter & Depersonalize

If you have lots of collectibles, trinkets and personal pictures all over the house, now is the time to pack those up safely. We want the prospect to see their family in the house, not yours.

Avoid Major Renovations

Now isn’t the time to renovate the kitchen or bathroom. It can be helpful to re-paint or re-carpet, since neither of those tasks is as expensive as a potential buyer may think.

Why Choose Seasons Real Estate?

Over 250 Clients

We've worked with over 250 clients throughout our real estate career. We take every relationship very seriously and value making the seller experience a positive one.

We Want to Meet You

We've found the best way to really help a client sell their property is to get to know them, ask questions, and solve problems together. We look forward to meeting you.

Repeat & Referrals Rock!

A high percentage of our client base are repeats and referrals. We value communication and really appreciate referrals from our current clients who know us, like us and trust us.

We Love Analytics

As a realtor, Becca is extremely analytical and helps clients break down all the options so things make sense. We never want to just "wing it."

What Our Clients Think


Becca is the most amazing real estate agent in the entire world! My wife and I were thinking of selling through Homie to try and save $20,000 in realtor fees, but we made more money by hiring Becca than we ever would have made through Homie, not to mention it was much less work for us to have a realtor! Becca is incredibly responsive to questions. With her experience and insight, you are virtually guaranteed the best deal possible on your home.

Avatar for Ryan Moe
Ryan Moe

Strategic and Responsive

This was my first time selling and second time buying. Becca was very strategic and responsive to all my questions throughout the process. I couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out ond felt confident every step of the way.

Avatar for Stephen Huhnke
Stephen Huhnke
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