Tips for the Design Center: New Construction

If you buy a brand new home, you may visit a design center, where you get to pick which finishes and upgrades that you’ll add to your new home.

This can be a lot of fun!

It can also be expensive… Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth!

When considering an upgrade for a brand new home, consider re-sale value. When you sell that home in 5-10 years, you have to consider what value, if any, these upgrades will bring.

For example: vaulted ceilings. While most popular from 2006 to 2012, our current standards are around 9 feet, which means most people are looking for those lower ceilings. You’ll pay a lot of extra money to get your ceilings vaulted, but you won’t see a return on that when it comes time to sell.

I was recently at a consultation with one of my buyers at a design center and by the end of the process, the salesman was asking me if certain upgrades actually add value to the home. Being in on the construction side only, they often can’t tell you why or how much an upgrade will add to the actual value of your home.

This a great reason to make sure you’ve got a Realtor by your side during the entire home buying process- even for new construction!

Ever built and designed a home?! What did you choose that you couldn’t live without now? Comment below!

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