Will My Home Sell!? The Top Three Factors that Affect the Sale of your Home

While there are many, many different factors involved in the successful sale of your home, there are three distinct factors that will give you the best idea about whether or not your home will sell.

In our current market, where there are more buyers than sellers, there is a common misconception that every home that hits the market is selling quickly for top dollar. This is simply not true. Even last year, in the very hot seller’s market from April until September, a full 40% of homes did. Not. Sell. At most, 10% of that 40% can be attributed to new construction, which still leaves us with nearly one third of the homes on the market NOT selling in spite of the market conditions being so favorable for sellers.

So, what can you do to not fall into that dreaded 30%!? First of all,

It’s ALL about the pricing. Make sure that you have the appropriate price for your home. There’s a lot that can go into how to price your home correctly and a lot that can be overlooked, causing a bad price point. Make SURE you have an experienced professional who is active in YOUR market available to price your home right the FIRST time! Don’t be the seller who has to drop their price multiple times just to get an offer- or, worse yet- the seller who under-prices their home and loses out on thousands!

The second biggest factor will be

LOCATION. Location includes not just where your home is physically but what condition your home is in. Things like being located on a busy street can seriously affect the price your home can sell for. While upgrades can help in some situations, where your home is located can be more important than the actual state of your home.

Your third most important factor is

Image result for becca summers realtor utahMarketing. As the home owner, you have less control of the marketing of your home. 92% of buyers now will find their home online before ever setting foot inside of the actual home, so you need to have your home marketed anywhere and everywhere possible. You need as much coverage as you can get! This, of course, is where a truly good real estate agent comes in. A Realtor who understands the value in the top quality pictures of a staged home. One who knows that marketing those pictures online to a massive database can make all the difference in the sale of your home.

Good luck in the sale of your future home- and remember, you’ll have the BEST luck with using Becca Summers with Seasons Real Estate.

Any stories about the sale of your last home!? Comment below!

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