Why Get Pre-Qualified for a Loan BEFORE Going Home Shopping??

If this is your first time buying a home, you may be surprised to find that your Realtor asks you to get pre-qualified just to look at homes.


Let’s pretend for a moment.

Say you decide to buy a house. You go out one weekend to look at available homes and open houses. You discover THE ONE. Pricing, location, condition- everything is what you want. You want to seal the deal and put in an offer… like, yesterday! However, the listing agent already has two offers on the home…. and your lender doesn’t work on Saturday…. You aren’t pre-qualified!

What do you do? Call your Realtor, Becca, who finds you a reliable lender who works Saturdays. He quickly attempts to write you a pre-qualification letter so you can write an offer on the home… Just to find out there’s an old student loan you forgot about… and now you can’t qualify for the home you want.

Scenarios like this happen ALL. THE. TIME. Especially with first time home buyers who aren’t familiar with the advantages of being pre-qualified when home shopping.

Now, let’s pretend using a different scenario.

You talk to me, Becca Summers, about all your wants and needs in a home. We find you a great loan officer and figure out what the best loan program is for you. You pay down a few small debts to get yourself a better interest rate and get pre-qualified. You can now shop for homes, knowing that you can write a strong offer on any home!

Get the house you want- and make the whole process MUCH less stressful!

Do you have more questions about pre-qualifications? Contact me today!

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