A Review of Becca Summers, Realtor

Ever wondered what it’s like to work with me?

Here’s a review from a previous client that I worked with.

My husband and I had found our perfect home to be built and decided to take the leap, so we needed to sell our townhouse. A friend recommended Becca to me and being in the lending industry, I was nervous to find the right person to work with. Unfortunately, when we initially bought this townhouse I found out that all the parties associated in the transaction had been less than transparent in the facts. 

I called Becca and set up an appointment and she came out to our house at a time that was convenient for us. She also offered to review my sales contract for the home I was buying and she wouldn’t be profiting off of at all just because she cared. She gave us a list of items we needed to do in order to present our house best and brought a big book of recent sales and facts about how to price a home right. We took more time getting our house ready than actually having it on the market, which was great for our stress level since keeping a house show ready all the time is so hard. The first day we listed we had multiple offers and Becca was calm and level headed the whole time. She encouraged us to think things through before instantly accepting an offer. She walked us through every scenario that could occur and allowed us to decide the repairs we would make on the home without any pressure. She also has a Big Sexy Moving Truck that saved us so much money! 

Becca restored my faith that there are good Realtors out there who do the right thing, not only in their profitable interest, but because it’s the morally right thing to do. If you are a first time home buyer this is who you need to go with. I will be able to look back on this sale from now on with no regrets or unanswered questions and know that I made a smart and educated decision. Thank you so much Becca!

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