Buying/Selling Real Estate is Life’s #3 Stressor!

Did you know that buying and selling real estate has been slated as the number 3 most stressful event in life, after death and divorce? Often times, having to buy and sell  a home at the same time is DUE to death or divorce.

Let me give you five tips in a specific order to help you buy and sell together with less stress!

1- Meet with a Realtor to find out the actual value of your home and know how much equity you have.

2-Meet with a lender to see what types of loan you can qualify for. Loans and programs are constantly changing!

3-Prepare your home for sale by staging it, decluttering it, and getting it on the market.

4- Only AFTER your home is on the market will you start shopping! Too often, people start this process by shopping, skipping the first three steps. This only makes you have to rush through Steps 1-3, adding unnecessary stress!

5- Once your home is under contract, you can write an offer for the home you found in Step 4.

These steps work for a seller’s market- which we are currently in. Once we transition to a buyer’s market, there will be changes to the order of this list!

If you have any questions about your specific situation, feel free to contact me!

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