For those Selling their Home in April, May, and June….

Ah, the second quarter of the year… also known as April, May, and June. It’s one of the busiest seasons for Realtors because more homes are listed in this period than any other time of the year. However, it is ALSO the time of year when we get the highest number of homes that WON’T sell.

If you’re ready for a scary fact….

30% of the homes listed in April, May, and June will not sell. Their listings will expire (90 days!), they won’t get high enough offers, or they’ll get no offers at all.

Now, let me reassure you a little bit.

Selling a home successfully comes down to a careful balance between correct pricing, home condition, and the marketing of your home. I have spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to perfect my method as someone to help you sell your house. So much so, that after over five years, I can claim the following.

I have sold 100% of the homes I have listed.

The only exceptions (three) were when my sellers changed about selling their homes at all for personal reasons.

So, yes, it can be a scary time to list your home- but with me by your side, you can feel better about the process. I am completely dedicated to you and your experience. I want you to be happy about your home selling process.

Nearly all of my
clients are either repeat clients or someone that was referred to me by a past client.

If you want your home sold, I’ll be there to do all the legwork. Contact me today!

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