Home Buyer Beware

Utah is a buyer beware state. What does that mean? It means that YOU are in charge of your own due diligence when buying a home and ALLLL home purchases are ‘as is’.

For example…
If you are buying a house in order to put in a basement apartment, you need to know which cities will and won’t allow them. If you were to buy a home in Saratoga Springs and put in a basement apartment, you would either be forced to sell your home or be faced with a hefty fine because the city of Saratoga Springs doesn’t allow basement apartments.

Another example…
In South Jordan, you cannot buy a home to immediately rent out- you must live there for at least a year.  Were you to buy a home and start renting it immediately, you could be forced to sell your home by the city!

There are many examples like these, which is why hiring a Realtor who KNOWS the city that you are buying and selling in and KNOWS some of these sometimes obscure facts can save you from so much trouble down the road!

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