How to Get Top Dollar for your Home

When selling your home, you WANT to get the best possible offer with the best possible price! That goes without saying, right? Well, here’s a tip to help you get top dollar for your home.

Accept. Every. Single. Showing.

Who will your buyer be? You really don’t know! You never want to turn someone away who could be the one to give you the best offer!

If you have a crazy hectic life and it’s hard to keep your house showing-ready or if
have a hard time leaving, take a short vacation for the opening weekend your house is on the market!

I have an active listing right now. The seller has had multiple offers for his home. He just accepted an 8:30 pm showing- certainly not convenient and definitely hard for bedtimes- but that showing ended up being our highest and best offer!

I have a client who is coming from California to find a home on Saturday. They WILL write an offer on Saturday. If someone turns us away for a showing that day, they eliminate themselves as getting an offer from us, because there WON’T be another date that my clients can come see the home.

So, when selling your home? Be as flexible as possible! You don’t know who your future buyer will be and you don’t want to turn them away!

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