How to Make Money as a Realtor

How do you make money as a Realtor?

Simply put, you take care of people.

There are a lot of situations that occur in the real estate business where you may not financially benefit as a Realtor by helping someone out.

When you take care of people above your own needs, even financially, it pays you back down the road.

I’ve done many things as a Realtor, such as reviewing someone else’s contract, knowing I won’t be paid for my work, or spending time doing leg work for someone who I know won’t be using me as a Realtor. Just simply doing the right thing.

I’ve found over the years that just doing the right thing, whether or not it seems like it’s financially more lucrative at that moment, ends up actually coming around in the end to be in my best interest financially.

If you think only of immediate needs and if a certain act will pay you in the short run, it doesn’t help you over time. Do what is best for the person you are working for; it might take time, but it WILL be worth it.

Take care of people. Do what is right. THAT is how you make money as a Realtor.

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