Let My Vendors Help You

I have been an active real estate agent for years and have helped both buyers and sellers through this sometimes difficult process.

In both buying and selling properties, you will have a need for professionals. Professional photographers, landscapers, sometimes plumbers or roofers, sometimes painters, sometimes pest control, nearly always lenders… the list goes on and on!

Thankfully, I network and work with people and I know someone who can help you in nearly any field related to buying and selling properties. I don’t get paid to recommend vendors and I don’t ask vendors to pay or help me with anything I work with. I like to be able to fire someone who doesn’t do their work right and if I have any kind of financial ties to them, it might change how I work with them.

If you do your job well as a vendor of mine, I will always recommend you- and as a client of mine, you will always have access to a list of professionals who have given trusty service to my clients for years!

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