What’s the Best Day to List your Home for Sale?

What’s the Best Day to List your Home for Sale?


I always list my homes on Wednesdays.  Why?

Looky-loos, those shoppers that haven’t yet been qualified or who are just beginning to browse will look for homes over the weekend, when they have the most time. They’re just casual buyers.

Serious, motivated buyers- those who want to buy quickly, who know what they want, and have been looking for weeks, however, are looking EVERY day of the week! Especially on a Wednesday, a day where our casual buyer is unlikely to be browsing.

The first three weeks on market are critical and we have the best chance of finding a serious, motivated buyer for your home mid-week.

Some Realtors are simply excited to have a new listing and post a new client’s home the day they get it. Sometimes, they even post without photos yet-YIKES! You only get one shot at a first impression!

Other Realtors post on Fridays, hoping to gain a new client by appealing to those casual shoppers we talked about earlier, many of whom still don’t have a Realtor when they begin looking.

I find that doing what works best for my clients ends up best for everyone involved, and so I don’t post new homes on Fridays. I want to sell my client’s home successfully EVERY time- small tips and tricks like this one can make all the difference in selling your home!

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