How Long to get your Home Ready to Sell?

Are you considering selling your house? If you are, think about WHEN you would like to be moving- because the process can take some time!

My average seller takes about one month to get their home ready to show- and the typical time from signing a contract until closing is at least four weeks. Throw in a week or two of showings, and it could easily take three months from the day you decide to meet with a Realtor to the day you actually move out!

So, take this into consideration-

*If you have major updates, plan time for them.

*If you’re considering new flooring, know that most carpet companies schedule carpeting three weeks out.

*If you have renters in your home, decide if you want to show the home with your current renters in it or if you want to have them move out and THEN show the home.

*If you have only some cleaning up, patching up on paint, and de-cluttering to do, you MAY be able to be ready to show your home in a week or two. This, however, is the exception and not the rule!

SO! If you’re considering selling your home- make sure you plan PLENTY of time to get your home ready to go. A well maintained home gets better, higher offers!
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