Selling a Home in Utah?

As a Realtor, selling a home is more complicated than helping someone buy a home. This is because of the complexity of pricing. Homes are priced based on sold comparable homes (which are homes that are similar to yours in a similar neighborhood that have recently sold). I excel at this because I understand the differences and similarities between the value in the marketability of your home and its appraised value.

When I meet with a new seller, I have a Seller’s Binder that I introduce them to. (Those who have sold a home with me know what I’m talking about!) This seller’s guide includes what to expect, common questions, the elusive ‘pricing pyramid’, my marketing plans, professional photography and more.

My photographer does amazing work. I once worked with a seller who had had her property listed with two separate Realtors for six months each- leaving her house on the market for over a year before she hired me. I brought in my photographer who staged and photographed the home so expertly that we were able to sell it within six months.

My average list to sales ratio is 107% (which means that if my seller’s house is listed for $100,000,  I make my seller $107,000 on average).

So, if you are selling a home- make more money and use me!

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