What Updates Should You Do When Selling Your House?

A common real estate question I get is, “what updates do I need to do before I sell my house?”

Although I sometimes wish there were a simple blanket statement such as ‘just update the paint, flooring, and fixtures’, the truth is that it depends on your neighborhood and the life cycle of your home.

When I get that question, I look at the home in question and then go online and pull up a market analysis of that particular neighborhood and all the homes of similar age that have recently sold. I then find out what updates have been done on those homes before they were sold.

If everyone with your age of home in your neighborhood is updating their kitchens, you may need an updated kitchen to get the same prices as your neighbors have, or, if everyone around you has recently replaced their roof, that might be something you need to consider before selling.

SO, the short answer to this question is: your updates need to match your neighborhood.

If you want to know what’s going on in your own neighborhood and what you might want to consider updating before getting ready to sell your home, feel free to contact me!

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