Why You Want a Realtor when Building a New Home

I was teaching a new agent class and an agent asked me this question. Why would a buyer want a Realtor with them when buying a brand new home?

Well, today I had an experience that perfectly illustrated why an agent is so helpful.

I have a client building with a builder who doesn’t do custom changes. You go to the design center and choose only their limited options, with no exceptions.

Well, my client chose a feature that no one had chosen before and it made the flooring end at an awkward spot for bar stools. The design center said that the flooring couldn’t be changed. The builder’s agent said it couldn’t be changed. Many people had asked for the change in previous homes and they had all been turned down- but my client had me. I spent time listening to the builder’s and agent’s concerns and found a solution that addressed the issue (in this case, the builder and my buyer would split the cost for extending laminate flooring to an appropriate length). Everyone involved felt satisfied.

That’s why you want an agent there on YOUR side. We will figure out the actual concerns and represent YOU to get them resolved to YOUR satisfaction. I’ve always got my client’s interests at heart!

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