How Do I Help My Clients when I’m Out of Town?

One thing I pride myself on as a real estate agent is my availability. I go to great lengths to make sure that I am available and respond quickly to emails, phone calls, and texts.

But I DO go on vacation occasionally- so when that happens, how do I take care of my clients?

When I’m out of town, I have showing agents that I pay to go out with my clients to see homes. I still have cell service and I can still write offers, negotiate, call and text- and I do! I recently went to visit my sister in Texas, who had just had a baby, and while there, I wrote two offers and was never more than a few minutes in responding to any of my client’s questions.


Because buying and selling real estate can be a tricky, stressful thing. I don’t ever want my clients to feel abandoned, alone, or confused during this process. I want to be available to help them in any way that I can!

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