Review! Your! Closing! Documents!

At the end of the buying/selling process comes the culmination of allll of the back and forth negotiating: your closing. Once the closing papers are signed by buyer and seller, you are done! It’s a LOT of paperwork to sign, most of which is pulled straight from your closing disclosure.


Make sure your documents are reviewed before you sign them!

Recently, one of my buyers was about to close on their property, so I was double-checking and reviewing the documents- only to find out something was missed! I had negotiated for my buyer to have a $2000 credit from the seller at closing to help cover closing costs. Somehow, the title company had left it off of the documents. They quickly reprinted the closing documents and my buyer was safe- but imagine if I hadn’t checked. They would have been out $2000!

So, make sure you AND your Realtor are being diligent.

Take care that you don’t sign incorrect documents!

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