Selling Your Home when You’re Going through a Divorce

The top three events in life that are deemed to be the most stressful are death, divorce, and buying/selling a home.

Unfortunately, often divorce creates a need to sell a home
. Naturally, it can be an emotional, stressful process to sell a home when going through a divorce.

You need a Realtor who can be compassionate to your situation.

Your Realtor needs to know about the divorce and whether the divorce decree is final or not so that they know how splitting the proceeds from the sale will go. You do want your Realtor to know about the divorce so that they can help you plan accordingly, but you don’t want your buyers to know, as it makes you weak and vulnerable. You need an agent to protect you and your position.

If you need extra help in selling a home through this difficult process, reach out to me!

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