3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Selling your House

Have you thought that the time might be right to move on and away from your current house? Before embarking on this path, there are three questions you need to ask yourself.

1-Have you lived in the home for two of the last five years? Because if you haven’t- you’ll have to pay capital gains when selling your home.

2-What’s your motivation for moving? Getting a bigger home? Escaping your neighborhood? Downsizing? Buying and selling properties is listed as the third most stressful life event that people can go through, so it’s important that you have a clear vision as you move through the process of WHY you want to do this.

3-How will you get the most money? When selling your home, getting the most money possible is typically a top concern. The best way to get the most money for the sale of your home? Hire a FULL TIME realtor because they know the ins-and-outs of the market better than someone who just sells the occasional home and doesn’t understand recent trends. Want more details? Hire a FULL TIME Realtor

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