5 Tips when Buying a Lot to Build on

When you are choosing a lot to build, there are many people who see a ‘low’ price and hurry and buy the lot… without looking into the details. The reason this can be an issue is that many lots are priced low being they require a lot of work to make them buildable.

So- with no further ado- five tips to help you avoid making a mistake when buying a lot.

1-Look at the CC&R- Codes, Covenants and Restrictions. This means the rules of the subdivision you want to build in- some require homes with a basement, some require a certain amount of square feet. Make sure that the home you want to build CAN be built on this lot!

2-ZONING-Make sure the area is zoned by the city for what you want (single family? commercial? Do you want a  basement apartment?- all of these affect the financing).

3-UTILITIES-Find out where the utilities already are. If they aren’t already at the lot, it can cost thousands of dollars to bet them to you. Check where the sewer, gas, and water already are!

4-BUILDING ENVELOPE-All lots require the home to be set back from the sidewalk a certain amount. If you want to build a large home especially, make sure that the setback isn’t too large, or it will give you almost no back yard.

5-LOT SLOPE- This is one that is often overlooked. If the lot is sloped, it can require a lot of dirt work to make it suitable for building. People often mistake lots in the hills and benches of the mountains a great deal. They aren’t! They often require thousands of dollars of dirt work to be able to use!

So- do your homework and make sure your lot will suit you.

MY best advice for you? Find the lot you want first- THEN plan your home around it. If you find exactly the floor planyou want first, it can be challenging to find a lot that will work exactly with your home requirements.

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