Does Basement Square Footage Count?

Today, I’m going to answer a fairly common question I come across.

Does basement square footage count?

The answer, in Utah, is YES! A lot of out-of-state buyers come to Utah and see a home listed as 2,000 square feet and expect that to mean there’s 2,000 square feet above ground and then another 2,000 unlisted as basement square footage. Not so! The square footage listed is what you get!

In appraisals, the square footage in the basement is worth less. Anything above ground is valued higher.

If you’re looking at a new construction home, here’s something to take note of. A 3200 square foot house that is new construction may be 1600 square feet of finished space on the main floor and an unfinished basement of 1600 more square feet, so make sure you’re paying attention!

Unlike many homes in the Midwest, patio homes (just a main floor with no basement) are rare in Utah. This is because most builders find it is makes them more money and is cheaper to build a home with an unfinished basement.

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