For those Selling their Home in Spring 2020

Are you thinking about selling your home in the spring of 2020? Here are a few tips to get you ahead!

First off, trim up your lawn and get your pictures of the outside of the house taken now! Come spring, most sellers will have photos of their home in a dead winter setting, with barren trees and brown lawn. Your home will stand out with a beautiful green lawn and foliage!

Secondly- take care of spring cleaning and repairs NOW, before spring. Depending on spring and even later winter weather, it can be much more difficult to perform necessary repairs, such as roofing and cement work. If you take care of these issues now, while the weather is still fine, you won’t be dealing with potential delays come spring.

Lastly, think about who your potential buyer will be in order to
know when to list your home. Do you have a 4+ bedroom house? You’ll likely be attracting a family with children, who will want to buy at the end of spring or in the summer. Gear your listing date to be most attractive to your unique potential buyers.

Unsure of who your potential buyer is likely to be? Send me a message with your home statistics and I can help walk you through that thought process! Good luck prepping and getting everything ready to go!

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