How do I get my Clients the Most Money when Selling a Home?

My proven strategy for getting my clients the most possible money for their home is to analyze the following question.

Who will be buying your home?

Now, I don’t mean the exact person that will buy the home- I mean the type of people who will be looking to buy your home. Do you own a townhome? You’ll likely be selling yours to someone with no children or someone with one baby. A $300,000 home with four bedrooms? Your buyer is most likely a family with 2-3 children who is looking for more space and moving out of a smaller, older home.

Why is this important?

When I’m doing a consult on someone’s home to help them figure out what updates or changes need to be done to sell their home, many people focus on their own needs. For example, someone in a $400,000 home with four bedrooms: “Oh, I HAVE to update this kitchen to sell it- it’s awful!” In reality, however, people are moving because they have outgrown their home and the things they think that their home needs are what THEY would need to change to be able to stay in that home. This doesn’t make sense for their potential buyer. A new kitchen? Likely not! In this case, the potential buyer is probably moving up from a smaller home and will be happy to have the larger kitchen and won’t be concerned about whether or not it’s updated.

Not spending too much on updates- and only updating those things that NEED to be done- saves you money and time. Understanding your potential buyer allows you to market to who will buy your home successfully, getting you the best price and not overspending on updates.

My sellers typically receive multiple offers on their home, above list price, and rarely pay closing costs. Who you hire matters! Feel free to message me with any questions.

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