How to Buy or Sell a Home when you Live out of State

The best advice I can give to someone looking to buy or sell a home when you live out of that state is to GET A GOOD REALTOR- because you do not want to have to fly in to handle every little issue or not have a contact person when something goes wrong.

That said.

If you’re buying a home in Utah but live out of state, this is my process.

1-First we have a consultation via phone. I give you an overview of the buying process and then take copious notes on everything you want in your next house.

2-I send listings for available home to help familiarize you with what homes Utah has to offer. Some moving from different financial climates will think that $300,00 will get you a lot of home in Salt Lake, when it really won’t. This is a chance to adjust expectations so you have a better idea of what to expect when you come to town.

3-You come into town and we go see as many listings as possible so you get as much exposure as possible. Can’t make it to town? I have a 360 degree camera that I bring to homes to give you the feel of a home even if you can’t be there in person.

4-You leave me with an earnest check and I write offers and handle any inspections you want, so then you can go home while I send in/pick up the earnest money check as necessary. I make sure to pick thorough inspectors who send detailed reports so you won’t have to come back to check things out.

5-You come back to sign for closing OR we have the option of doing a signing where you aren’t physically present.

When SELLING a home when you live in another state,

I find that these  situations typically arise when someone has had a rental home, they’ve moved out of state, and they decide to sell that property. Often they haven’t seen the house in person in years.  What I can do is use that same 360 degree camera to video the house for you, so you know what kind of condition it’s in, then find you reputable contractors to do any work that is necessary, change out carpet, whatever work you need done, so you never actually have to come back for anything- not even the signing at closing!

I recently had a client who was selling an old rental. I did the video for them, found them a contractor to do the major jobs, found a flooring expert for their carpet, had my handyman fix a door, let my cleaners in to straighten things up, then put in a few plug ins myself before showings so that it smelled clean and pleasant.

Feeling nervous about buying or selling out of state? Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have!

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