Selling a Home in a Trust

How do you sell a home that is in a trust?

Selling a home in a trust typically occurs when parents have passed away and the children are in charge of selling the home.

This is a highly emotionally charged time for those in charge of selling the home, as they have just lost a pillar in their lives.

I have helped  many people in selling their home under these circumstances, but of all the times I have been through it, in only once instance were all of the children involved in the trust able to agree amicably to all parts of the sale.

That being said, you truly need a Realtor who understands the different ins-and-outs of selling in a trust. You need to have a copy of the trust at hand, you need to have the signers of the trust for all decisions, and all rules of the trust need to be followed implicitly, which makes it more difficult. Some trusts are written so that the home cannot be sold for a year, while others stipulate in needs to be sold within a year.

It’s difficult to get along and make the difficult decisions that come with selling a home while you are also dealing with the death of a family member. Be sure to find a Realtor who is both professional and compassionate to help you through this time.

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