What Are the Steps in Selling Your House?

We’ve talked before about what it takes to prepare your  home itself for selling (cleaning, de-cluttering, updating, etc.). But today, I want to talk to you about the more technical side of things.

First off, before you can begin the process, you sign the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO SELL AGREEMENT, so you can hire a Realtor to sell your home for you.

Next, your Realtor will order the PRELIMINARY TITLE REPORT. It makes sure that you have the right to sell the house- that no one else has claims to it- and it gives us the property information on the home, such as the exact square footage and acreage of the property.

Then, you fill out the SELLER DISCLOSURES. It’s a seven page document where you tell everything you know about the property and what has happened to it. There are a lot of lawsuits over this document (where the buyers sues the seller about things that were left off of the document), so PLEASE be careful to disclose everything you know about your home. When in doubt about whether to include some information in the document, include that information!

Lastly, we get PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS done of the home and use those to list your home for sale on the MLS (multiple listings service) online.

There’s a fair amount that has to be done before your home is listed for sale, so if you’re in a hurry to sell, be sure to get started as quickly as possible!

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