3 Steps before you Sell your House

If you are considering selling your home, I have three suggestions for you to make the process simpler- and make sure you do them in order!

1- Meet with a Realtor IN your Home. Many people think that getting a Realtor is something you do after updating, cleaning up, and getting your home ready. Not so! You need a Realtor to come in your home to see if it’s actually worth it for you to sell your home. They need to physically see your home to properly figure out its value.

You might take what you THINK it’s worth, minus your mortgage loan amount and then decide it’s worth selling- but the problem is, you don’t always know what your home value is as the market is constantly changing. Plus, some fail to consider the fees involved in selling a home. Now, add to that the fact that your Realtor will know the market and what changes (if any) are necessary to sell your home, and it makes the most sense to see a Realtor before doing anything else to sell your home. You don’t want to A: do expensive updates that aren’t necessary or B: get everything physically packed and ready to sell, only to find that it’s not the best time to sell your home.

2- Get qualified to buy your NEXT house BEFORE listing your current home. Why? Loans change. All. The. Time. And all too often, someone sells a home, only to find out after the sale of their home that they don’t qualify to buy the home in the area that they want, and end up having to rent, rahter than buy.

3-  Complete the 3 D’s. Deep clean, De-clutter, De-personalize. Deep clean and de-clutter are fairly obvious, but some are surprised by de-personalize. The truth is that your darling family photos and memoirs serve only to distract potential buyers and makes it difficult for a new family to picture themselves in your home, making it more difficult to sell your home.

Any questions about these three steps? Feel free to contact me!

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