Finding a Realtor outside of Utah

If you’re looking to buy or sell a home outside of Utah, don’t just Google ‘good real estate agents’ and hope for the best- use me! I can help.

I can call and interview agents, find out who in that area has accurate information and figure out which Realtors haven’t sold properties in a while.

I had a friend whose sister wanted to buy a home in California. I called a top producing marketing center and asked for their two top producing Realtors. I then contacted each agent and asked them about their marketing plans, how many homes they sold on average, what their list-to-sales ratio was, how long their homes were on the market compared to the standard- a whole host of questions on issues that can make a HUGE different when buying a home but which the average consumer might not know to ask. I then gave my recommendation as to which to hire.


Firstly, I do commonly get a referral fee from the agent who ends up helping to buy the home- but honestly, one of the reasons I spend time finding good agents for others is because I want consumers to have the best experience possible. If you’re my client, I can do that here in Utah- but if I can’t do it myself, I want you still to have a good experience.

Buying and selling properties can be stressful and I am honestly dedicated to improving that process for as many people as possible.

Need a recommendation? Just send me a message- I’m here to help!

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