Hire YOUR Best Team when Selling/Buying a Home

A simple truth here: a good team makes buying or selling a home better.

Like, a lot better.

This summer, I had a review from a first time home buyer that was very positive and talked about how excited they were to own a home and how easy it all was.

Except- it wasn’t! For just one example, the seller had paid for an expensive repair but there were issues. With a great team behind me, including another contractor, the listing agent, and the title company, we were able to take care of it before the new buyers could even have the time to be worried about it.

Sadly, I’ve seen the other side, where a buyer chose a title company that was less than honest who ended up putting unnecessary stress and problems into the purchase of the property.

When hiring people to work FOR YOU, including the title company and lender, hire someone reputable who will take care of your interests.

I have great title companies and lenders I recommend because they take care of my clients above their own interests. A great team can make all the difference!

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