Home Inspections! What to Expect!

When you sell your home, your potential buyer wants to be comfortable buying the property. Home inspections allow them to do that. The seller is required to allow all inspections to their property that don’t cause damage.

As a seller, you’ll want your home to be clean and show ready (sometimes, home inspectors will pull out the fridge and stove to see if there is trash under it). A clean home will convey that your home is well maintained. They’ll look at all appliances and present the potential buyer with facts only.

Some examples?

-The furnace is near the end of its life
-The roof will need to be replaced within the next few years
-There aren’t enough outlets in the kitchen as are required by law

Do your best to not be home during the inspection. The inspector can sometimes ask questions that would put you in an awkward situation later.

I had a friend living in a home being sold. While potential buyers were in the home, she was present and mentioned how loud the road behind the home was during the day. This was something that the buyer hadn’t noticed or been bothered by before, but once they heard that comment, it was enough to kill the deal. You never want to be dishonest in selling a home- ever! But you also don’t want to put yourself into an uncomfortable position. Stay safe- and don’t be there so you don’t have to worry!

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