How Many Homes does the Average Realtor do Each Year?

The average Realtor sells about 4-6 homes a year. This isn’t enough to make a living on and these Realtors will typically have a second job.

Why does this matter

to you? The number of transactions a Realtor has each year gives you an idea of the experience they have so far in the business. If they haven’t sold a home for six months, there’s a good chance that the market has shifted and that they aren’t aware of the shift.

Another thing to look for is listings vs. buyer’s agent. If you help someone buy a home, that’s called being a buyer’s agent. If you help someone sell a home, you are considered a listing agent. If a Realtor has lots of listings but is seldom a buyer’s agent, they won’t have as much experience in helping someone buy a home.

SO, when shopping for Realtors (and it doesn’t hurt to shop around!) pick an experienced Realtor who is up on what is going on in the market and who specializes in what YOU are looking for!

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