How to Stay Updated on the Real Estate Market?

How do you stay updated on the constantly changing real estate market?

Play in it daily!

I come to work and look at what is new on the market in the last day. For example, today, 60 new homes have been posted in the last 24 hours. I will look at what’s new and how they are all priced. Then, I see how many have gone under contract. Right now, that’s 32 homes in the last 24 hours. Next, I see how many have actually closed and sold- 7 since yesterday!

That gives me a small snapshot, telling me that lots of homes are coming on the market and going under contract, but not as many are selling.

I then do the same for the last 30 days. By checking the inventory constantly, sorting it by type (new construction, free standing, etc.), I can compiled these ‘snapshots’ of the market and have a very good idea of market trends and home values.

So, when you want an up-to-date look at the market? Ask me! I’ll let you know!

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