How Well does your Realtor Know your Neighborhood?

Quick tip- if your real estate agent can’t drive around your town and neighborhood without a GPS, they probably aren’t the right Realtor for you. (For the record- I DO use GPS during showings for driving efficiency- but I’m talking about a Realtor who can’t get in and out of town without it). 

If I don’t know an area well, I won’t work there. I’m licensed everywhere in the state of Utah, but I won’t sell a home in Saint George because I don’t know that area well enough.


Only those who truly know an area know the ins and outs, like an entire block three streets over that no one wants to live in or buy, etc. When you don’t have knowledge like that, you can’t price homes effectively and you don’t know what you should be paying in that area.

Conclusion? Hire an experienced Realtor in your area that KNOWS your neighborhood!

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