When is the Best Time to List your Home for Sale?

When is the best time to list your home for sale? I wish there was a catch-all, one-and-done easy answer but-

The REAL answer- depends on what your house is- because the house you are selling can define who your buyer will be.

You know me- I’m a data-and-numbers nerd, so let’s work with specific statistics! We will start by dividing our data into three categories (and I’ve listed the corresponding graphs for you to consult with!)

1-All single family homes listed for sale in Utah County in the past year

2-Single family homes listed for sale in Utah County over 4,000 square feet in the past year

3-Condo and town homes listed for sale in Utah County in the past year

Off the bat- 30% of homes listed in the past year DID NOT sell-regardless of the time they were listed.

1-Single Family Homes

When comparing when a home was listed vs. when that home sold- the worst time to sell across the board was…. 3rd quarter! (Jul-Aug-Sept). 

3136 single family homes were listed and just 1940 sold, leaving 1196 unsold- and while yes, it’s possible some of those homes listed in the 3rd quarter may go on to sell in the 4th quarter, the overall data tells us that the 3rd quarter is the hardest time to sell.

The best time to sell was the 4th quarter. 2,279 were listed and 1,574 were sold- leaving just 701 unsold- which is pretty great!

2-Single Family Homes OVER 4,000 sq ft

Homes over 4,000 square feet aren’t selling as quickly as they have in past years. In this slot, the 3rd quarter was the worst and the 2nd quarter was the best time to sell. This makes sense, as most homes over 4,000 square feet are marketed to families with multiple children, for whom summer, between school years, is the easiest time to move.

3-Condo/ Town Homes

These homes sell on their own schedule and don’t follow school year trends. The best time to sell one of these was in the 3rd quarter! But the worst for this category was the 2nd quarter.

So- when looking at the best time to sell your house, consider your home and the potential client.

These are still general rules, however, and can vary town to town, neighborhood to neighborhood. If you have questions about YOUR home and neighborhood- I can research and give you actual statistics for that area. Just reach out!

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