Who you Hire Matters

Who you hire in selling or buying a home matters. It really does. So much so, that I highly encourage everyone to INTERVIEW when selecting a Realtor. Too many Realtors work part time or just on the side and don’t engage enough in the market to know everything that’s going on and so can’t give the most accurate or best advice.

Let me give you an actual example of this.

Many Realtors don’t know what average time on market means in terms of what you should be offering on a home. Basically- if a home in a certain price range hasn’t sold in the average time on market, there is either something wrong with the price or with the house- and you know that you can offer less on that home.

Right now, if a
home is under $350,000 and it hasn’t sold in 30 days, an experienced Realtor can say that you can offer less on that home safely. But last summer, that period was only 15 days- a lot changed in the market. If your Realtor doesn’t sell enough to understand this, you could be overpaying- by a lot.

Just like you love working with some of your coworkers- and may really not enjoy working with others- there are a variety of Realtors out there. Interview as many as you need to find an active, competent Realtor who can help you.

Any questions? Different Realtors get different results!

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