Why Having a Pet Hurts your Ability to Buy a Home

You want to buy a house- this is a good thing! But you also love cats and/or dogs and want to buy a little buddy. What do you do?

I vote- buy the house first and THEN get the pet of your dreams.


Firstly, if you are renting a home while you have a pet, you are likely paying a higher rent charge and have a pet deposit. Simply put, you’re spending more of your disposable income on rent.

Secondly, more and more people are going into debt for pet health issues, like surgeries. There is a higher number of people entering into debt to pay for pet surgeries that now cost more than they ever have before.

Because of these two issues, SAVE that money that could have gone to a pet for your down payment and to improve your credit- and only THEN, after you have your home look into buying a pet.

It might be a hard choice- goodness knows I already had a dog when I bought my first home! But sometimes the difference between waiting for a pet and buying one right now is the difference between owning your own home…. or not.

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