Would you Spend $25,000 to get $56,000 on your Home?

Stress, hard work, and anxiety all aside and are not counted in this equation.

Would you spend an extra $25,000 to get an extra $56,000 on the sale of your home?

This question comes from a real life example. I watched a home this summer that was self marketed- and poorly. They chose to go for sale by owner, didn’t market their home properly and made a lot of mistakes. They ended up selling their home for $448,000 after a loooooong wait, when it truly should have sold for $504,000.

So, yes, they avoided paying the fees of a Realtor- but they also lost out on a LOT of money by doing things themselves.

Most good Realtors pay for themselves through negotiations on your behalf and by using their industry knowledge to give you a leg up on the competition.

With the family in mind here, imagine the work and stress they went through as their home sat on the market for the entire summer, not moving when other homes were selling quickly.

Save yourself the trouble. Hire an experienced Realtor on your behalf and more often than not, they will net you more money than it cost to hire them, which is like getting free service with a tip!

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