Your House Isn’t Selling- Now What?

Every seller’s nightmare- but it happens to some. You’ve listed your home for sale- but it just. Won’t. Sell.

What do you do now?

If your property isn’t selling, there is a problem with your price, condition, or location. You can’t do anything about your location- but you CAN do something about the other two issues.

The market will tell you what you need to change.

If you don’t have AT LEAST one showing a week, your price is way too high. If you are getting many showings but no offers, it means that your price might be favorable, but the condition of your home is off. Make sure to watch the market- if you haven’t hit the average days on market yet, you might not need to worry- you may only need to wait for the right buyer.

However, once you’ve hit the average days on market for your price point and haven’t sold, these are some tips for the next steps.

You can change the first photo on your online listing to draw in new attention to your home. You may need to replace the carpet, repaint to neutral colors, or add another bedroom. If you aren’t interested in changing and improving the condition of your home, you may need to drop the price, depending on your situation.

Best wishes to you in your home selling adventures!

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