Home Staging Tips

Homes that are staged sell for more money and sell faster than similar homes that are not staged. Specifically, you will get 17% MORE MONEY if your home is staged than if it is not. In fact, the National Association of Realtors did a study that found for every $100 you invest into staging your home, you will get a $400 return.

How you live in your home is not how you sell your home. You live in your home for comfort and the style that works for you.

In selling your home, you need to think about the buyer. Move furniture away from windows, as natural light is one thing that many buyers feel strongly about. They will want to look out the windows, check out the views, and inspect the lighting that the windows bring in.

Buy new towels, dish towels, bath rugs, and shower curtains. These things make your home feel fresh, clean, and uncluttered.

Remove personal photos of you and your family. You want those who walk into your home to feel like they could potentially belong there, not that they are walking through someone else’s house.

My best tip, of course, is that you can always list your home with me and you will get free staging- I like to make things that much easier for my clients!

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