How to Market a Home for Sale

When marketing a house, you want to do benefits/features marketing. This is where you try to showcase the benefits and features of the home. Think of cars- they are marketed with their features, like mph, type of gas used, tires, etc. These are used to market and sell the car.

I was helping someone sell a five year old home in a neighborhood where the builder was still building new homes. This makes for a difficult sale because people typically will spring for a new home, not a used one, if the prices are comparable.

To sell this home, we focused on the features and benefits this home had over the new construction homes it was competing against, such as the yard being finished.

I pointed out how expensive grass, sod, and landscaping was, plus how much time and money a good fence costs. I also made sure to prominently place photos and information about the finished basement, as all of the new construction homes have unfinished basements.

When marketing, you need to know who your audience is, what their motivation is, and then you need to convey a message answering their motivations.

If you have questions about marketing your home, feel free to contact me!

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