Who You Hire Matters when Selling a House

The National Association of Realtors have found that when hiring a Realtor, most people simply pick the first or second person that comes to mind, without doing much research.

Buying a home is ranked as one of the most stressful and hectic life events that you’ll go through- and yet, far too many people simply pick the first name that pops into their heads to represent them.

Which makes me wonder- why wouldn’t you research who you hire BEFORE you hire them? A home is a pretty big investment- the largest investment that most people will make!

Right now, in Utah county, there are 2,7000 Realtors. 9,000 homes sold here last year. If you do the math, you might think that each Realtor sells about 3 houses a year. Not so. 20% of the realtors are involved in 80% of the home sales in Utah. Meaning that there are professional Realtors who make real estate their dedicated career and there are weekend Realtors who don’t spend nearly as much time getting involved with the market.

You want a professional. Someone who does at least 10 transactions a year, someone with market knowledge and someone with great reviews online. If you can’t find good reviews or information about the Realtor you’re looking at online, PICK ANOTHER REALTOR. You hire a Realtor to represent you- spend the time to interview and research them. Pick the best one you can and they will reduce your stress level during your home purchase or sale AND negotiate effectively on your behalf.

While I, of course, recommend myself, I encourage you to interview me first. Ask me my stats. My sales methods. My core beliefs at work. You don’t have to blindly follow me- ask me why I’m qualified to represent you!

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