Would you Hire Someone with a 30% Failure Rate?

As a Realtor, I can’t list each real estate company or each Realtor’s stats for the world to see. While there is no database for you to search out that information, you CAN ask potential Realtors or real estate companies when interviewing them to represent you in buying or selling your house. 
And why would you want to?
There are SEVERAL companies that have a 30% FAILURE rate- meaning that three out of every ten homes that they represent don’t sell at all- and of those remaining seven, MOST sell for 3% less than list price.
For your own peace of mind (and money in your pocketbook) ask, ask ASK! Ask your potential Realtor their stats BEFORE signing documents!

If you’re interested in mine- I currently have a 100% sales rate (with the exception of two clients who decided to keep their homes) and my homes sell for 105% of the average list price.

If you want a list of good questions to ask a potential Realtor or real estate company, feel free to contact me!
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