5 Recommended Home Updates when you DON’T Plan to Move Soon

We all know that when you plan to sell your house, you want to update things and make your home pretty to potential buyers- but what about when you aren’t planning on moving anytime soon? Which updates would be the most helpful?

For the following five items, I’m making recommendations for things that will make your home easier to sell in a few years but that will also make your home more enjoyable to live in right now.

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1- PAINT- The style right now is to have the same color everywhere. The days of accent walls are gone. Choose a neutral white or gray, patch holes, and give yourself a fresh base. It will be nice to live in, plus with the current trends, it should still be in fashion for several years.

2-FLOORING-Gone are the days of skinny wooden planks. Now, wide, luxury vinyl planks are in! Easy to install, durable and long lasting, this is a great update to make your house look better now.

3-LIGHTING- We’ve moved away from the half orb ceiling lights. The current trends are to have more flush, less noticeable lights. While rose gold is trending now, opt for a brushed nickle or silver that is more traditional classic for your home.

See the source image4-DEEP CLEAN- While not an update, planning a regular deep clean every six months or so will not only make your life simpler while living in your house, it makes the task of moving far less daunting in several years, as you will have de-junked regularly instead of having to take care of years of belongings in a short period of time.

5-REPLACE TRIM AND DOOR CASINGS- In the 70’s, we had skinny, tiny trim between the floor and wall. In the 90’s, we moved to that delicate curve that is terrible to clean. Now, the trim style is four inch tall farmhouse-style. It is a fairly simple change that will make your home look much newer and fresh. Plus, it looks like it will be fashionable for many years yet, so when you move, you won’t have extra work to do.

Just writing these up makes me want to do updates on my own home to make a few things even fresher!

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