Getting your Home Show Ready

Today, I’m giving you a few basic tips to get your house ready to show and look its best for a potential buyer.

Start with the three D’s- de-clutter (the person moving into your house wants closet space! Pack up half of your clothes and make that closet look spacious!), deep clean (no-one wants a grimy home!) and de-personalize (we don’t want people distracted thinking about you and your family- they need to be able to imagine themselves in your home).

Next, think warmth. During fall and winter months, a cold home means buyers will move through quickly. Keep them there longer by welcoming them with warmth! Keep that warm, cozy feeling there by adding a fresh, clean smell. Don’t go with a perfume or floral smell. Think fresh, inviting fall scents like cinnamon or vanilla.

Lastly- if your home feels warm, smells clean, and is open to movement from de-cluttering, finish up by having your house sound good. What does that mean? Kick your pets out temporarily! A loud dog, bird, or furry cat can be seriously off-putting. I’ve even taken my clients pets for a week while they were showing their homes- it’t THAT important.

If you need extra tips for getting your house show ready, feel free to shoot me a message! You’ll find my contact info on the side of the page!

Fresh, clean smell- not floral or perfumey- fall scents cinnamon, fresh that is inviting

Sound good- no pets.

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