Top 6 Questions to Ask a Property Manager

Looking to have someone manage your rental(s) for you? Here are some questions to consider in the interview process.

1- What makes your company better than the other companies I’m interviewing? (Hint- please DO interview multiple companies!)

2-Let’s talk fees. How are they paid? When are they due? Do they come out of the rent? Do I need to prepay any of them?

3- Can I see your management contract and your rental contract? (You’ll want to make sure you are completely covered in the event of damage done to your property. Read both contracts carefully [and with a lawyer if you feel you need to]).

4- How often do you inspect the units? Quarterly? Annually? Only during damage reports?

5- (And I think this really is the most crucial question) How do you screen your tenants? (A well-screened tenant will give you much less grief than just picking someone at random from your stack of applications.)

6-Have you ever evicted someone? What is your company’s process when this occurs? (Evictions are quite rare in Utah, but you need to know if they are prepared to take those steps when necessary.)

Are you interested in investing in real estate? Does this appeal to you personally? Shoot me a message with any questions you might have and I’d love to lay out my methods and what has worked for me!

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