Are Real Estate Agents Free?

Are real estate agents free? Technically speaking, no- but in my case, yes.

Let me explain.

When someone sells their house, they pay their Realtor a 6% listing fee. That Realtor will usually split that commission with the buyer’s Realtor, typically 50-50. So, both Realtors are paid, but technically only the home seller is paying for it.

Because of that, if you are buying a home, there is no reason to skip having a Realtor in your corner, as it costs you nothing out of your pocket.

Now, if you are selling a home, I personally aim to earn my keep. This means that almost every time I help someone sell a home, I earn them more than I cost them to hire. I do this through aggressive marketing, aggressive pricing, and tough negotiating.

So, for me, I almost always cost my clients nothing to hire! So, while real estate agents aren’t free to hire, I, in a way, am.

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