Why do Homes not Sell?

It’s every home seller’s nightmare- they put their home on the market, but no one makes an acceptable offer! Today, I want to talk about why homes don’t sell.

Generally speaking, a home will or won’t sell depending on three factors:

1- The Price
2- The Condition
3- Marketing

Now, as a homeowner, you have control over the price of your home and the condition you leave it in when you list on the market. However, your Realtor is in charge of your marketing. If your home isn’t selling, you either need to adjust the price, make changes to the condition, or get better marketing so that those interested in your home can find it.

Having an experienced Realtor can help you not only get the proper marketing for your home, but can also advise you on what price and condition your home is most likely to sell at. Oftentimes, sellers are surprised by the things they DON’T need to update and still be able to successfully sell their home.

If you have any questions on why homes don’t sell specifically, feel free to reach out to me!

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